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Moon Valley Panoramic View

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I must admit I’m a big fan of panoramic pictures, they give you literally a more complete idea of a place and their surroundings to appreciate their beauty.

This one is froma sunset on the Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert, and was taken by a friend of mine. She made it joining several small pictures taken with a Canon handheld camera and then stitched them together on her computer.

She challenged me to mark the exact spot were she took the picture on Google Earth or Google Maps. That’s not an easy task, but a few years ago I made a Google Earth path for the route of a Ferry cruising the Patagonian Channels so I think I’m good enough to the complete the task.

Funny things is that in spite of this place is called “Moon Valley” it really reminds me the pictures from mars. The red rocks and sand really looks like the images send by the NASA’s mars rovers, just put a red sky and you are done.