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Lake District & Chiloé


he remarkable natural surroundings, including the large Llanquihue Lake, the emerald Todos Los Santos Lake, Petrohué Waterfalls, snowcapped volcanoes such as Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador and evergreen temperate rain forests form the background scenery  for a wide range of activities, such as trekking, horseback riding or just admiring the amazing views.

Puerto Varas and its German heritage, reflected in the architecture and delicious pastries, and the unique Chiloé Island with wooden stilt-houses, characteristic folklore and local dishes are samples of the rich cultural heritage of the area.


Exclusive Package

Puerto Varas - Saltos de Petrohue

Lake District Highlights

4 Days / 3 Nights
All year round
The Lake District offers a blend of beautiful natural scenery and cultural heritage, a mixture of the native people, Spaniard colonization and German immigration back to the 19th century. Visit Puerto Varas and Puerto Octay, charming towns with the Llanquihue Lake and the Osorno Volcano as background. Navigate through the emerald waters of Lake Todos Los Santos reaching National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales. Cross to Chiloé Island, home of wooden tilt-houses and taste the curanto, a typical dish.


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All Inclusives

Tierra Chiloe

September to April
verlooking Rilan Bay, Tierra Chiloe with its unique design, is the perfect spot to discover the beautiful Chiloé Archipelago.

The lodge features exclusive 12-sea view-rooms, open spaces, a SPA, a local cuisine restaurant and excursions designed to discover the natural landscapes and local culture for a voyage full of unique experiences to delight your senses.
Corralco, Ski, Resort, Luxury, Skiing

Corralco Ski Resort & Spa

June to October
he newly Corralco Ski Resort & Spa offers large and comfortables interior spaces with a 5 star service excellence and a complete spa to relax after a day of activities. Located in the Malalcahuello Natural Reserve, it offers amazing views over the native forest filled with Araucaria trees.

With over 500 ha (1,240 ac) of skiing areas, 25 km (16 mi) of groomed runs and 920 m (3,018 ft) of vertical drop, Corralco is one of the favorites ski resorts for skiers and snowboarders. 

Hotels & Lodges

Cabaña del Lago

Lake District, Puerto Varas
All year round