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hilean poet and Literature Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda, described Chile as “a long petal of sea, wine and snow.” This long and narrow land, at the tip of South America, features scenery that is varied, pristine, and full of life: an oasis with flamingoes in the middle of the driest desert in the world at Atacama; fertils wine valleys; a whole coast caressed by the Pacific Ocean; the imposing Andes Mountain Range and its condors; beautiful emerald lakes in Patagonia; a huge glacier in the San Rafael Lagoon; granite towers in Torres del Paine; breathtaking icebergs -home of penguins and whales- in Antarctica; the polynesian Easter Island, with crystal-clear and warm waters and fertile wine valleys throughout.

Along with the unparalleled natural beauty, Chile offers a unique cultural blend. Explore and experience the Rapa Nui culture at Easter Island and its mysterious Moais; the Aymarás and their colorful textiles in Atacama; the Mapuches in the Araucanía and their characteristic cuisine; Chiloé Island and its wooden churches, declared a World Heritage Site; Santiago as the capital with a vibrant popular culture; or the port of Valparaiso, source of inspiration for poets and artists.

Chile offers a vast range of activities for every kind of traveler: trek in the middle of centennial forests in Patagonia; dive into the Easter Island waters; feel wonder  at starlit skies of Atacama clear skies; relax into thermal waters surrounded by Araucaria trees; sail along with whales at the southern fjords; taste delicious wines at Colchagua Valley; celebrate New Year’s Eve in Valparaiso with its famous fireworks; or learn to cook typical Chilean dishes.

Discover Chile, endless landscapes and thousands of emotions to live.




ocated in the north of Chile, Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth and features impressive natural attractions, but also a rich cultural heritage and vestiges dating from before the Inca period.

A true oasis of life and culture, the main town of San Pedro de Atacama features an archeological museum, a church from the 18th century, handcraft shops and exquisite local-cuisine restaurants. The sunset in the Moon Valley, the Atacama Salt Flat and its lagoons with pink flamingoes, the towns of Chiu Chiu and Caspana, El Tatio Geysers at dawn and observing the clear skies and stars at night are the “must-dos” of Atacama.

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Easter Island - Moais

Easter Island


n the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island, a World Heritage Site, is a unique destination. The mysterious and monumental stone statues,Moais, found all over the island, are the silent witness of the rich Rapa Nui culture.

Immerse yourself into the turquoise waters of Anakena beach, watch the sun melting into the Pacific Ocean, be amazed with the 360º panoramic view of the island top of Teravaka Mountain, taste delicious local seafood dishes, learn how to dance with Polynesian rhythms and discover why people say you are in the Navel of the World.



s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the port of Valparaiso features historical buildings and elegant houses testifying to a former grandeur, within a natural amphitheater of steep hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The city is full of life: restaurants with the lastest new cuisine, painters and poets showing their art and a firework show over the bay for New Year’s Eve are proof of it!

Next to Valparaiso, the city of Viña del Mar offers parks, beaches and palaces dating from the Belle Epoque period. Heading north through the coastal road you will find sea lions, seagulls, pelicans and inviting seafood restaurants.

Area of Valparaiso, Chile



Santiago & Wine Valleys


ith the Andes as background, Santiago is the doorway of Chile. This cosmopolitan city, honors history and celebrates arts through its recently restored Pre-Columbian Museum, Gabriela Mistral Performing Arts Centre, Fine Arts Museum, Human Rights Museum and Fashion Museum, among others. Parks, hills overlooking the city, a wide range of restaurants and shops or an Andes ski adventure will complete your stay.

Nearby, discover the secrets at the vineyards of Maipo, Casablanca, Aconcagua and Colchagua, tasting the best Cabernet Sauvignon, the emblematic Carménère or some of the specially prepared blended-grape wines.


Lake District & Chiloé


he remarkable natural surroundings, including the large Llanquihue Lake, the emerald Todos Los Santos Lake, Petrohué Waterfalls, snowcapped volcanoes such as Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador and evergreen temperate rain forests form the background scenery  for a wide range of activities, such as trekking, horseback riding or just admiring the amazing views.

Puerto Varas and its German heritage, reflected in the architecture and delicious pastries, and the unique Chiloé Island with wooden stilt-houses, characteristic folklore and local dishes are samples of the rich cultural heritage of the area. 

Refugia - Chiloé River


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Patagonia & Torres del Paine


unta Arenas, facing the Strait of Magellan bears witness to how the first settlers and native people learned to live in such a hostile, yet beautiful landscape.

Torres del Paine National Park, the 8th Wonder of the World, will amaze you with its granite mountains, emerald lakes, glacierswild nature, untamed fauna and the characteristic wind.

Cape Froward and Carlos III Island are two hidden jewels ready to be discovered, for an intimate encounter with nature.




any superlatives apply to Antarctica: it is the remotestcoldest, windiest yet most spectacular and beautiful place on earth.

Home of massive icebergs and glaciers, with a never-ending sunset during the summer, Antarctica offers a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes you never thought to witness.

Whales, elephant seals, Weddell seals and sea birds -such as albatrosses, snowy sheathbills, petrels and penguins- will be your companions through your life-changing journey to Antarctica.

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