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Easter Island


n the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island, a World Heritage Site, is a unique destination. The mysterious and monumental stone statues, - Moais, found all over the island, are the silent witness of the rich Rapa Nui culture.

Immerse yourself into the turquoise waters of Anakena beach, watch the sun melting into the Pacific Ocean, be amazed with the 360º panoramic view of the island top of Teravaka Mountain, taste delicious local seafood dishes, learn how to dance with Polynesian rhythms and discover why people say you are in the Navel of the World.


Exclusive Package

Easter Island Packages

Easter Island Wonders

5 Days / 4 Nights
All year round
ive amazing days at Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Get the chance to visit not only the highlights, but also, to immerse yourself with the local Rapa Nui culture.

Watch the spectacular sunset with the Moais as background. Visit the Moai Temples and reach the top of the Volcanoes. Get wet in the turquoise waters of the famed Anakena beach. Trek to the top of Terevaka Mountain and be stunned with the 360º view.


All Inclusive

Explora Rapa Nui Easter Island

Explora Rapa Nui

All year round
ive the luxury of the essencial at Explora Rapa Nui, with exclusive explorations led by expert local guides, discovering the mysteries and wonders of Easter Island.

After a day of activities, relax at the swimming pool and its panoramic view and enjoy the exquisite cuisine paired with super Chilean wines.

Hanga Roa All Inclusive

All year round
anga Roa Eco Village & Spa, an hommage to Orongo ceremonial village, offers everything to immerse into the Rapa Nui culture: a fantastic view over the Pacific Ocean, spacious rooms, exquisite cuisine and a complete SPA to relax after a day of excursions in Easter Island.

The unique architecture of the hotel, inspired in the local culture, features state-of-the-art technology to minimize the impact to the environment.


Taha Tai Hotel - Easter Island Hotel

Taha Tai

Easter Island
All year round
Hare Noi - Easter Island Hotels

Hare Noi

Easter Island
All year round