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Chile Escape Luxury Travel

Live luxury experiences in Atacama, Easter Island, Santiago, Patagonia and the Antarctica

Trekking, horseback riding, diving, kayaking, stargazing, tasting wines, cooking, skiing, sailing or whale watching are some of the experiences to enjoy in amazing places throughout Chile at the best hotels and cruises




iking a granite mountain in Torres del Paine, trekking through a temperate rain forest in Patagonia, kayaking at the Strait of Magellan, diving into the clear waters of Easter Island, snowshoeing in Antarctica, climbing a volcano at the Altiplano, heli-skiing in the Andes… the variety of landscapes in Chile allows you to live hundreds of adventures surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.

An experienced team of guides with the proper equipment will conduct your chosen adventure in safe conditions to enjoy nature in a responsible way.

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Casa Atacama Ancestral Caravan



long with unparalleled natural beauty, Chile offers a unique cultural blend, such as the Rapa Nui culture at Easter Island and its mysterious Moais; the Aymarás and their colorful textiles in Atacama; the Mapuches and their characteristic cuisine in the AraucaníaChiloé Island and its mythology and wooden churches, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; Santiago as the capital with a vibrant popular culture; or the port of Valparaiso, source of inspiration for poets and artists.

Get in touch with the local community and bring home a little piece of Chile within your heart.




nlimited luxurious experience await you in Chile, such as tasting a Chilean King Crab at the best restaurant in Santiago, admiring the stars at night in Atacama in total solitude, or just as simple as breathing the cold air off a glacier in Patagonia.

Boutique hotels nestled in National Monument buildings, a modern deluxe tower with spacious rooms and amazing views over the Andes, an exclusive villa in Torres del Paine or a tiny guesthouse in Easter Island with a personalized service will complete your experience.

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he elegant pink flamingoes at Atacama Salt Flat, a Guanaco at the Altiplano, a Condor spreading its wings in the Andes, a tiny Darwin’s frog at the temperate rain forest, a puma at Torres del Paine, a Magellan penguin colony in the Strait of Magellan, a humpback whale at a Patagonian fjord and all kinds of seals in Antarctica are just a few examples of the rich fauna found in Chile, thanks to the variety of climates and landscapes.

Through a whale watching or bird watching program, on board a cruise through the Strait of Magellan, the Patagonian Fjords or the Antarctica, or just trekking at Torres del Paine National Park or the Atacama Salt Flat, you will observe first hand Chilean wildlife in its natural habitat.




romantic escapade, having dinner in front of the Pacific Ocean, watching the dawn at Easter Island with a Moai Temple as background, an exclusive wine tasting in the middle of a vineyard, climbing a mountain over the Strait of Magellan, or just relaxing in hot springs… it is all about sharing unique moments in unique settings with your beloved one.

From a boutique hotel in Valparaiso, luxury accommodations  in Santiago or an exclusive villa in Torres del Paine, find the perfect place to spend your honeymoon in Chile.

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The Singular (Restaurant 7)

Food and Wine


he wines of Chile are famous all over the world. Colchagua Valley was named the World’s Best Wine Region 2005 by Wine Enthusiast magazine, and Casablanca Valley was recently appointed as a Great Wine Capital. Traditional wineries and newer facilities using biodynamic processes, offer outstanding wines made out of different grapes: from Cabernet Sauvignon to the emblematic Carménère and the Sauvignon Blanc or special blends prepared by the oenologists.

A new Chilean cuisine has appeared with young chefs creating original dishes using local products. In addition, there are new restaurants offering the best of international cuisine: Japanese, French, Italian, Peruvian, Spanish, Thai or Fusion.




he amazing Andes offer a whole mountain range for snow lovers. Launch your Chilean skiing adventure from a base ski center only 1 hour from Santiago, from a lodge dedicated exclusively for heli-skiing, or, further south at a lodge in the foothills of a volcano surrounded by Araucaria trees.

Heated pools, a fireplace and a glass of wine, a delicious dinner and a massage will be the icing on the cake after a day of snowboarding, skiing or heliskiing on the Chile’s magnificent slopes.

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